Worth the Wait

Yesterday was suppose to be another full day of testing (bio-physical profile, sonogram & non-stress test), and at the end of the day I was suppose to go home to rest, and wait for LBS to arrive.

However, after the sonogram, plans changed quickly. LBS didn’t score very well on the bio-physical profile, scoring only 4 out of 8,  and we were given an ultimatum by the midwife. Either I could immediately be induced at the Birth & Women’s Center with cytotech, or I would have to be transferred to the hospital that night to be continuously monitored until the baby decided to arrive. Given all the time we’d invested at the Birth & Women’s Center, the decision wasn’t difficult to make.

So at 4:45 p.m., I started the cytotech treatments. Contractions started shortly after and by 12:30 a.m., I was pushing. A short hour later LBS entered the world: 9 pounds 12.5 ounces, 22.5 inches long.

All-in-all, both the baby and I went through labor like champs! I was able to achieve my goal of a totally natural birth without any drugs and was able to do so without any stitches or tearing! Brandon and my mom were both there and were great support for me, and my mother caught LBS and cut the umbilical cord.

Here’s the first photo (we’ve still not officially decided on a name). Check back for more soon!

It’s Not You Baby, It’s Me

I ended up getting a checkup, sonogram, biophysical profile and non-stress test on Tuesday.

I was surprised by the sonogram because it was so different from the first one I had. The baby’s so big, I wasn’t able to recognize any of the body parts the technician was pointing out and could never figure out what he was looking for with his measurements. In the end, it didn’t matter. The baby scored 7 out of 8 on the biophysical profile, which the midwife was happy about.

Then it was time for my checkup. I pretty much hadn’t changed at all since my previous visit.

Today I returned to the Birth & Women’s Center for another checkup and non-stress test. Again the baby’s doing well, and I’ve made very little progress. The baby has officially dropped to the right position though, and I had more practice contractions last night, so we’re going in the right direction. It’s just slow right now. Really slow.

Because I’m getting close to 43 weeks, we’ve started talking about induction. Currently, the plan is for me to go back in for the full test work-up again on Monday/Tuesday next week. Assuming the baby’s still doing well, we’ve give him another couple of days. If he’s not out by Thursday, I’ll drink some castor oil (great), and if that doesn’t start anything, they’ll induce on Friday. We’ll start the induction using cytotech (so I can stay at the BWC). If I don’t react to it, I’ll have to check into the hospital and induce with pitocin.

Deep down, I have a feeling we’re not going to need to worry about an induction. If LBS is anything like his mother, he thrives on a deadline and performs best under pressure. Now that the date’s on the calendar, my body’s going to kick into gear and we’re going get this project done on time!

42 Weeks, Still No Baby

Tomorrow I will officially be at 42 weeks, and still no sign of LBS. And there’s nothing going on that leads me to believe he wants out anytime soon … other than a few sporadic days worth of practice contractions.

Last week when I went to the doctor, they hooked up a couple of monitors to my belly and we did a 20-minute non-stress test to see how the baby was doing. Like a champ, LBS passed with flying colors. The midwife said he had all of the regular heartbeat variations that they’d expect to see.

I’ve got another appointment scheduled for Tuesday, where we’ll do another round of the non-stress test, and potentially schedule an ultrasound for a full biophysical profile later in the week.

I’m not sure when we’ll start talking about inducing labor, but I know it will be a last resort. I can be every bit as stubborn as LBS and wait it out, as long as we’re both in good health.

Due Date’s Come and Gone

For those keeping track, yesterday, February 23, was suppose to be the due date for the baby … but the 23rd has come and gone, and yet, no baby.

I had an appointment to visit the midwife and she did some exams. She said that we were at least a week away from labor, maybe two. Arg … not exactly what I wanted to hear.

But on the bright side of things, two other girls from my birthing class were actually there in labor while I had my appointment. In case you’re not aware, the Birth and Women’s Center only has two birthing rooms. Not that they can’t convert an exam room into a birthing room, but it really would have been a full house if LBS had decided it was the right time. : )

Smooth Sailing

I went to the doctor Tuesday for my 32-week check-up. All of my (and the babies’) measurements and vitals were right on target, and I actually had lost a pound since last time I was in (even though I have added 2.5″ to my waistline). That always makes for a good day at the doctor’s office. : )

My mom was in town, so she was able to tag along and listen to the heart beat. She also got a chance to talk with Sara, one of the midwives at The Birth and Women’s Center. I could tell it helped her feel a little more comfortable with my choice to have the baby there instead of in a “traditional” hospital setting. She was impressed by how calming Sara was, and she was able to ask questions about how they were monitoring my kidney functioning.

I think mom really enjoyed the experience. It was neat to have her there. : )