Smooth Sailing

I went to the doctor Tuesday for my 32-week check-up. All of my (and the babies’) measurements and vitals were right on target, and I actually had lost a pound since last time I was in (even though I have added 2.5″ to my waistline). That always makes for a good day at the doctor’s office. : )

My mom was in town, so she was able to tag along and listen to the heart beat. She also got a chance to talk with Sara, one of the midwives at The Birth and Women’s Center. I could tell it helped her feel a little more comfortable with my choice to have the baby there instead of in a “traditional” hospital setting. She was impressed by how calming Sara was, and she was able to ask questions about how they were monitoring my kidney functioning.

I think mom really enjoyed the experience. It was neat to have her there. : )

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