Worth the Wait

Yesterday was suppose to be another full day of testing (bio-physical profile, sonogram & non-stress test), and at the end of the day I was suppose to go home to rest, and wait for LBS to arrive.

However, after the sonogram, plans changed quickly. LBS didn’t score very well on the bio-physical profile, scoring only 4 out of 8,  and we were given an ultimatum by the midwife. Either I could immediately be induced at the Birth & Women’s Center with cytotech, or I would have to be transferred to the hospital that night to be continuously monitored until the baby decided to arrive. Given all the time we’d invested at the Birth & Women’s Center, the decision wasn’t difficult to make.

So at 4:45 p.m., I started the cytotech treatments. Contractions started shortly after and by 12:30 a.m., I was pushing. A short hour later LBS entered the world: 9 pounds 12.5 ounces, 22.5 inches long.

All-in-all, both the baby and I went through labor like champs! I was able to achieve my goal of a totally natural birth without any drugs and was able to do so without any stitches or tearing! Brandon and my mom were both there and were great support for me, and my mother caught LBS and cut the umbilical cord.

Here’s the first photo (we’ve still not officially decided on a name). Check back for more soon!

9 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

  1. Oh, how very, very exciting. I just knew I had to check one more time before bed! Congratulations on
    this great big bundle of joy.

    Barbara Schlo

  2. Congratulations I guess we just have monstrous kids, what a trooper you are no drugs I don’t think I could do it. Hope all is well
    He is cute talk to you soon call if you need anything. Love Rebecca

  3. Congratulations! His little face is just precious. So glad to hear that everyone is happy and healthy. Now the fun can begin! 🙂

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