Due Date’s Come and Gone

For those keeping track, yesterday, February 23, was suppose to be the due date for the baby … but the 23rd has come and gone, and yet, no baby.

I had an appointment to visit the midwife and she did some exams. She said that we were at least a week away from labor, maybe two. Arg … not exactly what I wanted to hear.

But on the bright side of things, two other girls from my birthing class were actually there in labor while I had my appointment. In case you’re not aware, the Birth and Women’s Center only has two birthing rooms. Not that they can’t convert an exam room into a birthing room, but it really would have been a full house if LBS had decided it was the right time. : )

4 thoughts on “Due Date’s Come and Gone

  1. I’ve been checking regularly for big news. Sorry that
    you may, notice I said “may”, have to wait longer. When little one decides it’s time, it WILL be time, believe me.

    I’ll continue checking for the big news.

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