The Next Thing

My old house on Tutbury has new occupants, and I’ve officially been in my new residence for about a month. It’s 2-bedroom home located in the College Hill area and only a few blocks from the Washburn campus.

The house is plenty big for Leo and myself, and pretty cool. I’ve finally got the huge bedroom in a remodeled attic that I’ve dreamed about ever since I was a little kid… Unfortunately being tall and having a tall boyfriend make the short ceilings up there a bit inconvenient at times.

Despite the fact I’ve been here for a month, I’ve still got stuff in boxes. And, generally speaking, my house is about as unorganized and chaotic as it’s ever been. Remarkably enough, I don’t really mind it. At least not yet. When you consider the borderline obsessive-compulsive tendencies I have about things being in order (not necessarily clean, but organized and orderly), my lack of caring about the disorganization is somewhat perplexing. Who knows, maybe that’s one of those things I’ve learned to let go of when I was going through the divorce.

In other news, softball season has pretty much officially wrapped up. (Boo.) But lucky for me, rec volleyball season is in full swing. (Swing, get it? Ha. Ha.)

I can’t explain how much I enjoy playing volleyball again. And how awesome is it that I’ve managed to find a team and league to play in that are pretty competitive. At least competitive enough that I don’t worry (too much) about hurting anyone when I hit the ball or go up for a block.

And, in a true sign that I’m playing at a fun, competitive level, I’m horribly insecure about my lack of back row-passing abilities. The second I rotate to the back row, the panic that I felt in high school returns over again. Part of me is thinking, “oh dear god, please don’t let them serve/hit it to me.” The other part of me is thinking, “bring it on, you can do this.” It reminds me on a weekly basis why I was allowed to serve in high school but then quickly subbed out until I was back into the front row… I wonder if that’s something we can do in rec ball..?

Starting to Feel Like Home

Brandon and I had another nice, relatively quite weekend. We traveled to Emporia to have dinner with Brandon’s parents and Grandma Siver on Saturday evening, and pretty much spent the rest of our time working on the house. Here’s what we were able to accomplish:

  • Purchase & assemble an extra wide file cabinet for the office.
  • Organize Brandon’s closet.
  • Purchase & assemble a portable caddy to hold all of my paint for the studio.
  • Continue to change out bathroom fixtures – towel bars, towel rings, hooks & toilet paper rolls.
  • Install new shower curtain & bath mat in the main bathroom.
  • Order curtains for the bedroom, living room, studio & Brandon’s office.
  • Start hanging artwork throughout the house.

All in all, things are really starting to come together … I can feel the house transitioning into our home!

Slowly Unpacking

We’ve been in the new house almost 2 full weeks now, and it’s finally starting to resemble a home. The kitchen, bathrooms, linen closet and our bedroom are pretty much unpacked and organized. Brandon’s done a decent job with his office space, but it will need some additional furniture … like a file cabinet and a relaxing chair or love seat of some type.

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