Slowly Unpacking

We’ve been in the new house almost 2 full weeks now, and it’s finally starting to resemble a home. The kitchen, bathrooms, linen closet and our bedroom are pretty much unpacked and organized. Brandon’s done a decent job with his office space, but it will need some additional furniture … like a file cabinet and a relaxing chair or love seat of some type.

The baby’s room is still a wreck (and contains nothing for a baby). As soon as we figure out whether LBS is a girl or a boy, we’ll make some decorating decisions and start purchasing all of the necessary items. Until then, my focus is my art studio space and the downstairs family room.

Currently Brandon’s got the ping-pong table setup downstairs, with the rest of the furniture pushed over to corner. While that works for his recreational plans, I don’t see it staying that way for long. I’d like to turn the downstairs space into a second living area that can accommodate out-of-town company on overnight visits. We’ve certainly got the room (and a full bathroom), we’ll just need to compromise on the positioning of the ping-pong table. (Can’t ping-pong be an outdoor sport? It would go nicely in our gigantic backyard …)

Today will be my studio day! I’m looking forward to setting up shop, so I can finally start painting again. It’s been several months since I’ve painted, and really, just over a half-year since I’ve spent long amounts of time painting. You know … those days where I never really shower, and barely manage to feed myself because I’m so focused on painting. Those are good times. I can’t wait!

Maybe I can get a good jump on things this morning and be painting by lunchtime. : )

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