Town Art Fair – Father’s Day Weekend

Next weekend I will be in Leawood showing my acrylic on plexiglass artwork at the 10th Annual Town Art Fair.

It will be my third year at this show, and I’m really looking forward to it. My booth will be on the east side of the Fair this year,  on the side of Express, which will be an interesting change. The past two years I have been in front of Victoria’s Secret, which I’ve liked because it seemed to ensure a lot of traffic. This year, I’m not really sure …? I know that I have to arrive to set up my booth about 5 hours earlier than in years past – 8 am.

Typically I wouldn’t  like the idea of having to arrive and setup my booth 8 hours before the show opens. But I’ve decided to really embrace it, so Brandon and I are going to get a hotel the night before so we’re already in the city. It will be like a mini vacation this way. And we’re renting a SUV – hopefully a gas-efficient one!

If you don’t have plans, stop by and check out the action! I’ll be at Booth #213.

Town Art Show is at Town Center Plaza, 19th and Roe.

The Perfect Day for an Art Fair

Gee whiz, I don’t think a person could possibly ask for a more beautiful day than Sunday at Lawrence Art in the Park! The sun was warm and bright, and people were out in the masses taking in the rays and enjoying the artwork.

I’m not sure what the other artists experienced, but I thought the turnout was great! My booth was hopping, with people streaming in and out all day. I know, this photo doesn’t exactly show the crowd . . . Brandon said it was one of the few times he was able to snap a shot without lots of  people in the way, passing by on the sidewalk in front of my booth.

In the end, I sold two pieces and got a couple of contacts for potential commission work lined up. It turned out to be a pretty successful Sunday!