Painting Again


Flint Hills LandscapeThree months ago I received a postcard in the mail from the Mulvane Art Museum calling for entries for the Washburn University Art Department Alumni Show. I really haven’t made much time for painting since I’ve had Leo (more than five years ago), but I knew this was the excuse I’d been waiting for. So I tucked the postcard above the visor of my car so I’d look at it everyday and told Tony I really wanted to submit a piece for the show. (I knew he’d hold me accountable and help me make time for painting.)

Thanks to some babysitting from both sets of grandparents and Tony’s woodworking skills, I have my first finished painting in five+ years. On Saturday afternoon I will deliver it to the Mulvane in preparation for the show. It will be nice to see it hanging on the walls with other artwork created by my fellow Washburn Art Department Alums!

Dream Vacation

Some people may find this bizarre, but I found my dream (adventure) vacation via a LivingSocial email the other day. It’s a 6-day trip to Moab, Utah where I’d be hiking, mountain biking, ATV-ing and learning to rock climb. It’s the kind of vacation where I’d be out in the middle of beautiful country, with what I can only assume to be little-to-no access to internet/phone. Just me, the other folks on trip, the scenery and open sky.

It was the kind of thing where the more I read, the more convinced I became that I needed to go. Not only was the agenda awesome, the price was great too – and it included all food, gear, etc. I wasn’t sure how I could come up with $950 (plus airfare), but the wheels were turning… I was determined this was what I needed to do.

Fast forward 24 hours later. I check my (snail) mailbox and see I’ve received another doctor bill for Leo’s surgery to the tune of $950. Crap.

So now what do I do?

Honestly. At this point, I’m not sure… My rationale, responsible side says the bill in the mail was a sign and that getting it paid off needs to be my top priority. But my heart is still telling me to try to find a way to make it work. I’ve got 5 days left before the deal expires and the trip goes back to $1,900.

So I’m currently evaluating and thinking, thinking and evaluating. What does a trip of my lifetime worth…? Well, I think it’s time to start selling some paintings. While my inventory is pretty low, the paintings I’ve kept are what I consider my best. So if you’ve considered buying one of my pieces, or have any interest in finding out what I’ve got available, shoot me an email. Make me an offer. I’m willing to negotiate.

Image credit: LivingSocial website

Painting Plans

I’m not sure what it’s been lately, but I’ve felt a bit out of balance… like something was missing. My life in general right now is about as rich, fulfilling and as busy as it’s ever been, but after really taking a few weekends to look at things, I’ve realized something is missing. I’m not painting.

It’s been about two years since I’ve sat at my art station with a clear piece of plexiglass, vibrant tubes of paint and my creative spirit singing. At first, I didn’t miss it. In fact, the absence didn’t seem to matter to me at all until about a month ago. And then it came crashing in.

So this weekend, I will paint again.

And I can already tell it’s going to be glorious!

Enjoy Some Wine and a Great Cause

Make plans for a night on the town next Friday, August 1st, in Topeka!


Not only will there be some special features on display at the First Friday Art Walk, but there’s also Grape Escape 2008 – A Toast to the Arts! And both events feature an original Alissa Sheley acryilc on plexiglass painting!

I’ve donated a tryptic piece called "Fiesta" (pictured left) for Grape Escape, where it will be auctioned off to benefit the Topeka Performing Arts Center. The event itself is a ton of fun, with all attendees getting the opportunity to sample over 100 different varieties of wine from all around the world and snack on finger foods provided by local caters and restaurants. I attended last year’s event and had a wonderful time!

You can also get a preview of some artwork that will be up for bids at this year’s Works of Heart on Saturday, August 22, benefiting Family Service & Guidance Center. The preview will be on display at Warehouse 414, where you’ll be able to see my "Paradise".