Town Art Fair – Father’s Day Weekend

Next weekend I will be in Leawood showing my acrylic on plexiglass artwork at the 10th Annual Town Art Fair.

It will be my third year at this show, and I’m really looking forward to it. My booth will be on the east side of the Fair this year,  on the side of Express, which will be an interesting change. The past two years I have been in front of Victoria’s Secret, which I’ve liked because it seemed to ensure a lot of traffic. This year, I’m not really sure …? I know that I have to arrive to set up my booth about 5 hours earlier than in years past – 8 am.

Typically I wouldn’t  like the idea of having to arrive and setup my booth 8 hours before the show opens. But I’ve decided to really embrace it, so Brandon and I are going to get a hotel the night before so we’re already in the city. It will be like a mini vacation this way. And we’re renting a SUV – hopefully a gas-efficient one!

If you don’t have plans, stop by and check out the action! I’ll be at Booth #213.

Town Art Show is at Town Center Plaza, 19th and Roe.

Holiday Art Fair

I’m preparing for my last art weekend of the year, Lawrence Art Guild’s Holiday Art Fair. The indoor fair will showcase local artists specializing in lots of different mediums. I always enjoy seeing what everyone else in the area is doing!
The Holiday Art Fair is at Lawrence Art Center on Saturday, December 1. Doors open 10am – 6pm.


This painting Flowers for Alice was created in memory of my grandma Alice Stahl. I finished it a couple of months ago, but hadn’t had a chance to take a photo until recently.

Speaking of photos, I’ve lost the battery charger for our camera … so it might be awhile before I’m able to share any new work. I’m really bummed because I have lots of new stuff that I’ve just finished!

Gallery in the Garden – Top Ten

In an effort to try something new with my blog, I’ve decided to mix it up some. So instead of the usual summary of my trip to Wichita last weekend, I present:

Alissa’s Top 10 Botanica Moments:
10. Riding in the rental SUV.
9.  Walking around to look at other artist’s booths.
8.  Photographing all of the beautiful flowers.
7.  Talking with booth visitors about my artwork.
6.  Talking with Janice Hoesch, a family friend that moved to Wichita years ago.
5.  Feeding the Coy that swam in the pond right next to my booth.
4.  Helping a neighbor whose artwork got caught in the wind, causing the glass to break.
3.  Talking with Marsha Clasen, one of my teammates from my college volleyball days.
2.  Visiting the Butteryfly Garden.
1.  Using a cart to haul my booth back and forth to the rental.

Gallery in the Garden – Sunday

Brandon and I are going to pack up our rental minivan and head down to Wichita this weekend for my show at Botanica, The Wichita Gardens.

Yeah, I said "pack up the rental minivan" . . . despite my penny-pinching nature, I’ve finally decided to break down and rent a minivan. After running the numbers, I realized that it wasn’t practical to take two cars . . . and that I really wasn’t saving a heck of a lot. So thanks to the good folks at Enterprise, I’m scheduled to make the trip from the comforts of the passenger seat!

The 5th Annual Gallery in the Gardens will be open Sunday, September 16, from 10am to 5pm. My booth will be located in the Centennial Pavilions. For more information about Botanica, or driving directions, visit Botanica online.

A Change In Plans

Well, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I was scheduled to show at the Crossroads Music Fest this weekend. Mother nature however, had different plans . . . last night a big storm hit Topeka, throwing a tree branch into the side of my house. So instead of showing artwork, I’m going to stay home and try to clean up/repair what I can before calling in a professional.
The good news, however, is that I’m going to have time to paint! I’m working on a new piece for my sun series – it’s going to have mountains. Hopefully I will be able to finish it this weekend!