Opening Night at Cafe Trio – Part 1

What a fantastic evening! I can’t express how much of a joy it is to be showing at Cafe Trio, truely a great place to show artwork! The romantic lighting and Tim Whitmer’s piano playing provided the perfect ambiance!

Brandon, my husband, shot some rough video footage of the evening. Check back soon for some video clips!

2 thoughts on “Opening Night at Cafe Trio – Part 1

  1. I found you through your husbands vB support board. Your work is beautiful, bright, and uplifting. I will admit that I know less than nothing about art, but I simply love your style. I have recently lost one of my infant twins due to SIDs, and I would love to be able to brighten up the nursery of our surviving twin with one of your peices. Please contact me when you get a moment to discuss if you have anything in my meager price range.

  2. Please let me know what pieces you are most interested in, and what your price range is. If I don’t have anything that will work, I can create a new piece specifically for you!

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