“Good Day, Sunshine” at Cafe Trio – Show Preview

We spent the afternoon in Kansas City hanging artwork for my Cafe Trio show.  The process went prettyChris, Alissa, Greg smoothly thanks to the help of Chris, co-owner and expert artwork hanger, and Greg, marketing coordinator and visionary in exhibit layout.  I am really looking forward to the opening reception on Thursday; the artwork looks great in the space with their excellent accent lighting!  Check out a couple of preview photos on my new gallery page Hang Show at Cafe Trio.   

3 thoughts on ““Good Day, Sunshine” at Cafe Trio – Show Preview

  1. We are so proud of your accomplishments. You deserve the best for all your hard work and charities that you do. Good luck at this art show.

  2. Plan on coming thursday! Very excited to see your work in person and perhaps find the PERFECT piece to take home!
    Thanks for keeping me informed!

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