LBS has a Name

It took a couple of days, but we’re happy to announce LBS will officially be known as Leo Mason Sheley.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to settle on a name, but I’m blaming pregnancy hormones. Every time I thought I had made a decision, about two hours later I’d start second-guessing myself and end up changing my mind. Brandon and I had spent months discussing several family name options, and really liked the idea of honoring Leo’s heritage. But in the end, it was too difficult to come up with a combination that we liked and that honored both sides of the family.

Finally I told Brandon he just needed to make a decision for the both of us, so I could quit agonizing over it. He decided to go with a combination of names that we had both liked from the beginning, but had no family ties – Leo Mason.

To view more pictures of Leo, visit my Facebook gallery.

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