Installing the Nursery Mural

The nursery has really started coming together the past few days: my parents helped put a fresh coat of mint green paint on the walls, Brandon’s hung new tan microfiber curtains and tonight, the final touch, my mom installed the baby jungle animals wall mural!

Here’s a photo timeline of my mom installing the mural:

First, dad and I marked a plumb line and used pink sticky notes to mark the boundarys for the wallpaper sizing.

The mural's about half way up as mom works on hanging the third panel.

5 thoughts on “Installing the Nursery Mural

  1. It was very special to be a part of decorating the nursery. It looks great, only the best for my Grandson!
    Hearing the baby’s heartbeat was exciting, makes it all real! I love the belly pictures, especially the one with Brandon & the belly.

  2. Love the mural! Great Mom and Dad to help get the nursery ready! They’ll be super great grandparents! I know Mom enjoyed going to visit the birthing center. I noticed this weekend, I no longer refer to myself as mom- I’m Grandma- even to the dogs! It sounds better coming from Connor but I like the name. You guys are going to have such fun- but rest now! No rest for the next 20 years. Linda

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