Second Doctor’s Appointment

Brandon and I went in for my second doctor’s appointment today. Both of us were excited, hoping we’d be able to find out if it’s a girl or a boy, and really wanting to hear the heart beat again.

Everything went well at the appointment! I’m progressing normally – I’ve gained 9 pounds (yikes!), my blood pressure reading was nearly identical to last visit’s reading, and I may not be quite as far along as they thought (potentially a week or two later than they were thinking) … maybe it will be a Valentine’s Day baby!

Because we really do want to know the sex, the doctor recommended that we wait until next month’s appointment to do my sonogram. She said it would help increase our chances of being able to tell, and that we’ll be able to get an accurate due date. The doctor also said that she’d place her bet on it being a girl because the baby’s heart rate has been so high: 160 bpm last time, 170 bpm this time.

I have been having some problems lately with my sciatic nerve … it’s been a real pain in the ass. I guess the baby sort of pushes down on it and pinches it some. It gets so bad that I can’t sit down or lay on my back without shocks of pain. The doctor recommended that I start going to a physical therapist, chiropractor or a massage therapist. I’m going to make a call in the morning.

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