Coming to a mailbox near you

Cafe Trio Postcard Foront
Cafe Trio will soon be mailing out postcard announcements for my upcoming show, “Good Day, Sunshine” – look for yours in the mail!

One thought on “Coming to a mailbox near you

  1. Alissa,

    I want to thank you for speaking with me in January about the art project I created with the 7th graders at my school. I will send you a photo as soon as I can. It is difficult to photograph these pieces to show their depth, though. The piece turned out so well that I have been asked to create more for other parents. I am excited but terrified at the same time! We painted acrylic dowels and sandwiched them beteween two pieces of plexiglass. I think you have to see it to understand it! Thanks for your advice. Amy Steurer

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