In the Studio – 2.10.2007

I’m still recovering from the sinus surgery (I had a minor setback, see more below); so I haven’t spent much artistic time in the studio lately . . . I’ve mainly been working on the administrative stuff. I mailed out all of my summer art fair entries today, including: Town Arts Show and Prairie Village Arts Show (both in KC), Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, and Art in the Park in Lawrence. If anyone out there knows of a show I should enter – please leave me a comment. I’m always looking for new opportunities!

Thanks to the fantastic photography of Gary Jones (President/Creative Director at Jones Huyett Partners), I have fantastic slides to enter this year . . . so I’m feeling really good about my chances of being accepted! For those of you not familiar with the summer art fair process, every artist has to submit slides of their artwork to be judged by a panel of jurors. This panel decides who actually makes the show. For most of the summer shows I’m entering, there 500-1,000 other artist competing for 100-120 spots. Who said the art circuit wasn’t competitive . . ?

As I mentioned above, I had a setback on Wednesday regarding my sinus surgery recovery. I won’t go into all of the details, but let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant. I missed the last 2 days of work – I was sitting at home in my recliner, dripping a nasty salt-water solution from my nose. Today’s been better; I think I’ve mastered the dripping problem.

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