2006 Lawrence Holiday Art Fair – A Success!

Lawrence Holiday Art FairThanks to the “husband-of-the-year” efforts made by Brandon, I was able to exhibit artwork at this year’s Lawrence Holiday Art Fair at the Lawrence Art Center on Saturday, December 2. The Holiday Art Fair is an annual show put on by the Lawrence Art Guild featuring original artwork created by local artist.

After being stuck at home sick for two weeks, I had admitted defeat and realized I wasn’t going to be able to muster the strength or stamina to do a show, let alone install & remove it. Two days before the event my husband volunteered to do the whole thing by himself. Thanks to that effort we sold a painting and I got invited to do a solo show at the Lawrence Public Library in August of 2007.

2 thoughts on “2006 Lawrence Holiday Art Fair – A Success!

  1. Alissa, I hope you will be willing to give me some pointers. I have been researching reverse painting on plexiglass because I am in charge of the 7th grade auction project at my kids’ school and thought this would be something original to sell at the auction. I also thought the 7th graders, with supervision, could create something they would be proud of. I am planning on using acrylic paint, and making 1 or a series of 3 pieces, and probably something “random” as opposed to a “picture of something” Any tips on working with the paint or steps you can give me? I would really appreciate your help since I am not an artist and feel a little over my head. The auction is in the first week of March so I need to get moving! thank you, Amy

  2. Amy –
    I’d love to help you out! Where are you located? Maybe we could meet for coffee and discuss the project . . . feel free to call me, 271.5234.

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