The Yarn Bin Series

As promised, photos of new work have been posted in Gallery 10. Yarn Bin Series

My Yarn Bin Series has been a work in progress for the last few months. Actually, it’s a concept I’ve been thinking about painting since I worked at Hobby Lobby almost two years ago. Each night after the store closed for the evening, the employees would go around the store straighting each department. I always found myself wondering near the yarn section, where the skein were displayed neatly in milk crates, separated by color groups.
I painted “St. Lucian Sun” while reflecting on fond memories from my honeymoon in St. Lucia nearly five years ago. The water was the brightest, clearest blue . . . and the sun, well, it was just hot.
I spent an hour yesterday afternoon visiting with Greg Morey, the Marketing and Special Events Coordinator for Cafe Trio in Kansas City, Missouri. He invited me to show my artwork at the restaurant for March and April. There will be a great opening reception on Thursday, March 8th. Check back for more details!

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