We’re Having a Boy!

I had my first sonogram today, and I have to say, it was pretty cool. We learned many things and had a chance to see our little guy go through quite a workout. That’s right, I said little guy! : )

Everything looked good – heart, kidneys, brain, lips, tummy, feet and hands. The baby waved at us once, and then kicked the technician every time she pushed down to get him to move. It was pretty funny … I told Brandon we were bound to get a rebellious teen. She estimated that he weighs around 9 ounces right now.

After all of the official measurements, they were able to give me a more accurate due date: February 23.

4 thoughts on “We’re Having a Boy!

  1. Thanks! We were a little stunned … everyone had been saying it was going to be a girl, so we had sort of gotten comfortable in that mindset. But by the end of the appointment it had set in, and we were able to put the shock behind us and get excited!

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