The New

Welcome to my new site!  After having a steady presence on the internet for the last 2 years, I decided it was time for a updated look to compliment my growing artistic style and a new format to allow more interaction with my visitors.  Thanks to the help of my website-guru husband, Brandon, my new site is finally live!
The goal of my blog is to give visitors an insider’s view into my art-world.  To go beyond listing the shows I have coming up, or the new artwork I have created.  I will share my thoughts on the things going on in my studio (. . . or sometimes not going on), regional art happenings, and my life as an artist.  Visitors are able to easily respond and interact with the site after you have logged in.

So please take a little time to look around, and if you can, give me your thoughts on the new look!

3 thoughts on “The New

  1. Love the new look. Miss the old art work that hangs in your Mothers and Dads Dinning Room. Your Grandmothers Picture is a plus also.
    Hugs to you and Brandon

  2. Trinity will host their 3rd annual Art and Poetry Evening on Sat., June 2. I know that you are preparing for a large show in KC later that month, but wonder if you would be interested in exhibiting. We have a very eclectic show featuring both ‘name’ artists (Bob Sudlow) and students at Bishop Seabury Academy! Our church is currently undergoing renovation which is slated to be finished before Easter. This means we will have expanded exhibition space which enables us to search out local artists who would like to join us for a fun evening. We also have a most bountiful buffet throughout the evening. If you are interested, just drop me a note at this email and I would be happy to send you more information. Thanks for considering it…..JGD

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