My Acting Debut – The 2008 United Way Video

Tons of things have happened since I last updated. Too many to list … sorry about that … so I’m making up for it by debuting my acting career in the Topeka United Way video. It’s just a short little spot, but I’m pretty sure I need to be packing my bags for L.A. : )

Oh yeah, Brandon’s in it too. See if you can spot him!


I actually helped with the production of the video too. It was a Gimzo Pictures and jhP collaboration for this year’s local United Way campaign.

New Topeka Video

The Topeka Chamber of Commerce recently released this new video promoting the quality of life in Topeka:

What do you think about it?

Overall, I really like it. I showcases some great Topeka locations and events, and even a couple of things that I didn’t realize Topeka had!

The thing I like best about this video, compared to another Topeka video that was also released recently, is that it’s produced by hometown talent. The guys at Gizmo Pictures are the best video production company in the Midwest! I can’t understand why any Topeka agency would pay for a video produced by an out-of-state production crew when they have access to the best right in their back yard.