Helping Those in Need this Holiday Season

For the second year, TransformTopeka will be adopting families for Christmas from the United Way’s Christmas Bureau, and we’d like your help! With all of the hustle and bustle this time of year, we understand that it’s difficult to get all of your own Christmas shopping taken care of – let alone coordinating and purchasing items to donate to another family. We’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to make a difference in the lives of your fellow Topekans this holiday season!

As a group, TransformTopeka will collect money from anyone that’s interested in helping, contact the adopted families to get confirm their wish list, go shopping, do the wrapping and coordinate delivery of all presents and meals in time for everyone to have a Merry Christmas. And, to be as transparent as possible, we’ll blog and Facebook our progress all along the way.

So how can you help? Make a donation to our PayPal account by clicking the link below. When you get to the page to review your payment, add “Christmas Bureau” in the area for special instructions for the seller. You can also mail a check to: TransformTopeka, 1324 SE Monroe, Topeka, KS 66612 or hand it to any one of our board members. We’ll accept funds up through Tuesday, December 1, before determining how many families we’re be able to help.

Want to check our progress? Visit our website frequently as we’ll be updating our collection total on a regular basis.

Civic rally to “GET-OUT-AND-VOTE!”

The community is invited to the “GET-OUT-AND-VOTE” Civic rally! It will take place on Sunday, April 5th at the Gage Park Zoo parking lot at 1:00p.m. We are asking the community to help to spread the word, use “Twitter”, Facebook, email, cell phones, word-of-mouth, etc. and invite everyone you know to be at the “GET-OUT-AND-VOTE” Civic rally. Participants will be asked to stay for 5-10 minutes and shout out “GET-OUT-AND-VOTE.”  Then, stay and enjoy the park or spend the day knowing you took this little bit of time to get involved.

The primary election had a very low turnout. There are a number of candidates who are running for city council and a very important sales tax question on the ballot for the April 7, general election. This election will more directly affect the citizens of Topeka than even the statewide and nation wide elections. If the tax passes, the community will pay that tax almost everyday. Agree or disagree the only way to make your choice count is to vote!

Start today. Share this announcement with everyone!  Get energized! Let’s come together on April 5th and remind everyone you know GET-OUT-AND-VOTE on April 7th!


TransformTopeka Polls

If you are a frequent visitor to our site, you will notice that we have removed the polling section from our blog. It was brought to our attention yesterday that some visitors were getting errors while attempting to cast a vote.

After spending the evening unsuccessfully trying to fix the bugs in the poll programming, we’ve decided to remove the feature until we can get the functionality figured out.

At TransformTopeka, we make every effort to be as transparent as possible and realize that faulty voting could be perceived as our attempts to promote one side of the issue over another. Please trust that this was not the case, it was merely a widget program gone awry. We apologize for this and appreciate it being brought to our attention.

A Potluck Success!

Thanks to everyone that attended our first potluck gathering tonight at Synder’s Cabin in Gage Park! We hope you all had as great of time as we did. It was fantastic to be in a room with a group of people that all have similar thoughts and dreams for Topeka and understand that the power of positive thinking is the first place to start.

Here’s a couple of photos that we took at the event. Enjoy!