Big Changes at A-Sheley Studio

We’re moving to a new location and adding staff … well, sort of!

As of the end of of July, my studio will no longer be located at 2320 SW Eveningside Drive. We’re packing up and moving to a much larger home located in southwest Topeka, where I will have a large room for my studio with tons of natural light! I’ve spent the last few weeks making arrangements and slowing packing all of my art supplies in preparation for the move.

You might be wondering what motivated the change of location. Well, it was a little more than wanting additional natural light … it’s also to accommodate the growing A-Sheley Studio family. In early 2009, my husband and I will be having our first child!

Check back to see updates on the new studio setup. Look for photos, and hopefully some new paintings … as soon as I’m able to get settled in.