It’s Been a Decade – My Top 10 Moments

Ten years ago I was celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Love residence in Lebo, Kansas. Of course, by celebrate, I mean stay up until midnight with several of my classmates ringing in our New Year (without any alcohol, of course, since we had 6 a.m. basketball practice the next day). This was our year, the one that would see us each graduate from Lebo High School and strike out into the world on our own.

It’s amazing to believe that it’s only been 10 short years. So much has taken place since then, so many things that have played a big part in my life. Since today is the last day of the decade, it feels appropriate to acknowledge the top 10 moments that have taken place (in chronological order):

May 1999 – Graduated from Lebo High School as salutatorian of my class.

August 1999 – Played a year of collegiate volleyball at Cowley County in Arkansas City, Kansas.

December 2000 – Met Brandon Sheley, a friend of one of my best friends, Jason Carpenter.

September 2001 – Moved to Topeka, Kansas.

October 2002 – Married Brandon Sheley on a beach in St. Lucia.

August 2004 – Had my first solo art show at New City Cafe, and experienced my first sale.

December 2004 – Graduated from Washburn University with a B.A. in Studio Art and a Minor in Women’s Studies.

August 2005 – Started working at jones huyett Partners.

September 2008 – Moved into our house on Tutbury Town.

March 2009 – Had my son, Leo Mason, at The Birth & Women’s Center.