Civic rally to “GET-OUT-AND-VOTE!”

The community is invited to the “GET-OUT-AND-VOTE” Civic rally! It will take place on Sunday, April 5th at the Gage Park Zoo parking lot at 1:00p.m. We are asking the community to help to spread the word, use “Twitter”, Facebook, email, cell phones, word-of-mouth, etc. and invite everyone you know to be at the “GET-OUT-AND-VOTE” Civic rally. Participants will be asked to stay for 5-10 minutes and shout out “GET-OUT-AND-VOTE.”  Then, stay and enjoy the park or spend the day knowing you took this little bit of time to get involved.

The primary election had a very low turnout. There are a number of candidates who are running for city council and a very important sales tax question on the ballot for the April 7, general election. This election will more directly affect the citizens of Topeka than even the statewide and nation wide elections. If the tax passes, the community will pay that tax almost everyday. Agree or disagree the only way to make your choice count is to vote!

Start today. Share this announcement with everyone!  Get energized! Let’s come together on April 5th and remind everyone you know GET-OUT-AND-VOTE on April 7th!