Painting with the Kids

What do you get with 27 tubes of paint and 11 young artists?

Lots of messy fun … and some pretty great artwork!

With aprons and lots of paper towels, creativity soared on Thursday, March 8, at Family Service and Guidance Center. I spent the evening with eleven young artists, teaching them how to paint using acrylic on plexiglass.

After a quick lesson, they set off creating their own masterpieces – landscapes and flowers, tributes to their favorite sports teams and even one to Picasso.

2 thoughts on “Painting with the Kids

  1. It really was! In another year or two, we should do a plexiglass painting party for Gavin’s birthday. With your fab framing expertise and my crazy teaching antics, it would be a blast and everyone would have a killer piece of original artwork!
    What do you think?

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