Lots of Options

The house hunting went well this weekend. We ended up seeing 6 houses, each with their own unique traits and interesting neighborhoods. Although one house really stood out of the pack, Brandon and I are looking forward to seeing other options that didn’t have open houses scheduled this weekend.

Even though we’re keeping our options open, I think we’ve definitely started narrowing in more on what we’re looking for:

1. In Topeka. The houses we saw outside the Topeka city limits were nice, but it was quite a drive to get to them. I don’t want to make that drive twice a day to and from work. Especially with gas near $4 a gallon.

2. We really want a back yard. With a deck. And a fence. And a legitimate garage. No exceptions. And of course – the bigger the yard, the better.

3. I want bathroom access from the master bedroom. Or a nice walk-in closet. Or both.

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