In the Studio – 2.3.2008

Truth be told, I’ve not been able to spend much time in my studio lately. Partially because it’s off-season and I don’t have any shows coming up in the immediate future (the next month or two), and partially because my studio is pretty torn up right now.

Brandon and I are in the process of getting our house ready to sell, so we’ve got all kinds of remodeling projects going on. The few rooms that aren’t a work-in-process have become storage areas. So my studio is full of bags of bathroom stuff and building materials, as well as all of my regular painting stuff.

Don’t worry though, this can’t last much longer … at least I hope it won’t. The fact is, I really need to paint, it’s part of me, of who I am. It gives me balance and perspective, and I’m just not able to handle stress as well when I don’t have my creative outlet.

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