Great Week

I had a great week last week – my energy levels were higher, I got an iPhone 3G, our house closing got pushed back, and I got a Snickers apple at Hazel Hill!

I realize that’s a pretty random combination of achievements, each well worth their own blog post. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time for posting last week, so quick summaries will have to do.

Feeling better – I felt pretty good all last week, despite working late several nights. Hooray for not being constantly exhausted!

Housing – The closing of our current house got pushed back to August 4th. Yeah! Only homeless for two days now!

iPhone 3G – I got one. It’s freakin’ amazing!

Snickers apple – This one did deserve it’s own post. I wrote it here.

One thought on “Great Week

  1. I had an idea on the housing thing. One that I would rather not get the realtors involved in because they seem to complicate things. If you want, everyone can just pretend that you are handing over the keys on closing but we will give them back to you afterwards. You can just stay in the house until you close on the new one (we don’t need rent for just those 2 days). As long as you guys can be out before the 9th, we have no problems with you staying there. And we also need to figure out how to do the whole deep freeze swap thing.

    Feel free to e-mail me ( if you want to talk further.

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