A Night of Laughter

Thursday evening, my husband Brandon and I attended the Last Comic Standing Tour at Topeka Performing Arts Center. It was great!

We had a very enjoyable evening watching the top four contestants and the host of this year’s Last Comic Standing season perform 25-minute sets each. The comedians were hilarious, and I really appreciated the way they all made certain to include the making fun of the Phelps clan in each of their acts. It really proved that visitors to Topeka do realize that the Phelps and their backwards thinking are not characteristic of the rest of us.

3 thoughts on “A Night of Laughter

  1. Alissa,

    I’m glad that you really enjoyed the show. It sounds like it was a great time.
    I took time to read the comments after the articles about the event I wanted to let everyone know that an event doesn’t have to be a sell out to be considered a success.
    Personally, I would have loved for more people to attend the event. But in the end as long as the people to attended it enjoyed the event then we consider it a success. We know that not every show is for every citizen in the area.
    TPAC’s goal is to Enrich, Entertain and Education through the Arts.
    As long as there are people enjoying what we bring in, we feel that we’ve fulfilled that goal.

  2. Shay –

    I was a little disappointed in the turnout. However, if you noticed the article in the paper mentioned that this particular show has been struggling to pull in large crowds all around the country. Personally, I’m not sure why, because the comedians were very funny.

    I would venture to say that dramatic events in the world economy in the last few weeks probably played a part. I know that if I hadn’t already secured tickets before the economy started to tank, I probably would have thought twice about spending that much on a fun night out.

    Unfortunately, the economy is something that all of Topeka’s cultural venues will probably struggle with this season. When money is tight, people have to find a way to cut back somewhere, and typically entertainment is the first thing to go.

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