2 Nights, 2 Charity Events, 2 Hangovers

Despite the fact that I had planned on "drinking in moderation" at both the Works of Heart auction and TAP Gala, I got so caught up in the excitement each night that I enjoyed a couple of more cocktails than I should. I guess that’s the true sign of a successful charity event – enjoying the atmosphere so much that you can’t help but over-indulge on the drinks and on the artwork! Both nights were truly fabulous and raise a lot of money!

Friday night was Works of Heart for Family Service and Guidance Center of Topeka (FSGC). The event featured silent and live auctions, wine, dinner, and lots of budding young artists from FSGC. A fellow local abstract artist (and good friend), Carrie Jo Gros, and her husband Dennis were at the same dinner table as Brandon and I. We were also joined by one of the FSGC artists named Breann, along with her father and grandmother. It was fantastic to hear how much FSGC had helped their family, and how it has been such a positive experience for Breann.

My piece, Cosmopolitan brought in $350, I think . . . it was auctioned off later in the evening, so my memory wasn’t the clearest! Brandon and I also purchased "Crazy Grass" an anonymous painting created by one of the FSGC artists. I love when we are financially able to participate on both sides of the auction – donating work and buying work!

Saturday night was the TAP Gala for the Topeka Aids Project. They also had silent and live auctions, an open bar, and a buffet full of hors d’ourves. Brandon and I started the night with a pre-event cocktail (or two) at Janel Crawshaw’s house, with our good friend (and designated driver) Josh Pattie. After we arrived at the Gala, we found seats next to another one of my good friends, Mike Breneman and his date Jennifer at the table sponsored by Penwell-Gabel.

Despite placing many bids, Brandon and I didn’t win anything! My piece "Blue Flower" was auctioned off for $350. I didn’t get a chance to meet the winning bidder, but I am hoping that TAP will send me their contact information so that I can send them a thank you note.

All in all, I’ve had an outstanding (albeit, a bit painful) weekend!  I am always grateful for the opportunity to support my community through my artwork! Although Brandon and I are still operating in "poor college kids" mode; through artwork donation, we are able to make our voices heard and support the causes we love the most!

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