13 Weeks Belly

13 Weeks BellyI haven’t really noticed an official “baby belly” yet … at this point it just feels like everyday is a fat day. I mean, my mid-section is certainly starting to fill out, but more in the  I-ate-way-too-much-yesterday kind of way.

I have noticed that my pants aren’t really fitting all that well anymore. About time for a shopping trip.

In other news, Brandon said he could hear the heartbeat the other day when he was listening to my belly. : )

One thought on “13 Weeks Belly

  1. Is it creepy that I came here to look at your belly? “Hmm, I haven’t seen Alissa’s stomach in about a month – time to check her out!”
    It’s probably even creepier that I can’t wait for it to get bigger!!!

    Miss you! Glad your doing well. Love the house pics!!

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