Why Rethink to showcase Art, Music, Inspiration

What is ReThink Topeka?

Topeka artist Justin Marable will showcase his interpretations of the Capital City at “Why ReThink,” a new exhibit 3-5 p.m. Saturday Dec. 19 at Lola’s Café.

Last September, Marable sent out a call for art to the city and the region for the event, “ReThink Topeka,” which will occur April 17, 2010 in downtown Topeka. In the meantime, he has found fresh ways to perceive Topeka and continues to “ReThink” the city on a daily basis. The show “Why ReThink” is an effort to energize local and regional artists and will serve as a reminder to participate in the coming “ReThink Topeka” event April 2010.

“I’m hoping that people will use the show as inspiration to make their own ReThink Topeka art, or to begin expressing pride in this place we call home,”said Marable.

The art exhibit will be on display beginning Dec. 1, featuring screenprints of Marable’s work that deals with places in Topeka and written explanations of why he decided to “ReThink” that location.

A formal opening will be held 3-5 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 19. The opening will feature Topeka-centered poetry readings by Matt Porubsky and Leah Sewell, the live music of local band Interior Sea and discussions about Topeka as inspiration for local artists, musicians, writers and performers. Visitors will also be able to find out more about the coming April 2010 “ReThink Topeka” event, and merchandise such as stickers, pins and t-shirts will be available. Marable welcomes anyone to the show who is supportive of battling negative perceptions about Topeka and helping to create a more positive representation.

Check out the Facebook event for additional photos, or to invite your friends.

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