Thinking about Topeka

Tomorrow morning is my first Heartland Visioning Task Force meeting. I am very proud to be part of the group, and look forward to the opportunity to directly contribute in the shaping of Topeka’s future. I consider being on the Task Force a great responsibility, so I’ve prepared myself in every way I thought possible.

I’ve made it a point to discuss Topeka with everyone I’ve talked to in the past few months. I’ve asked them about their Topeka experiences, how long they’ve lived here, what their perceptions are, and what we could do to improve the city. I’ve the read the Capital-Journal (online edition of course) more thoroughly than usual, with great interest in all articles about Topeka (and the comments posted, no matter how uninformed and asinine).

I’ve also helped form a group comprised of young professionals that are all about Transforming Topeka. Our groups meets once a week to discuss our ideas about change, our concerns with the current government situation and how we can affect real change.

If you can’t tell, this is something I’m passionate about … Topeka is important to me. I love this city and think it’s a great place to live … and I want other people to think so too. : )

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