NYC, Here I Come!

This week I’ll be making my first trip to New York City. I was fortunate to be asked to speak at the #140Conference by the founder, Jeff Pulver. So I’m making the trip to represent jhP and Think Big Topeka, and to talk about the role social media had in the Google, Kansas campaign.

I’m super excited about the opportunity to be on stage. There’s going to be a bunch of people there representing at least 14 different countries and 25 different states. And the entire conference streams live, so everyone’s got a chance to watch. I love talking about Think Big Topeka and what Topeka was able to do during our campaign to get the Google Fiber Experiment. It’s not really something that makes me nervous, I know I’ll do fine once I’m on stage.

Instead, my big anxiety before the trip comes in knowing what to wear, how much money to bring and what I should try to see while I’m there. I will be in NYC for just less than three days, staying in a hotel on the Upper East Side a few blocks away from Central Park. I’m trying to gather as many opinions before then as I can so I’m able to plan a great trip. Can you help?

  • What do I need to see while I’m in NYC? I’ve got a wide range of interests and just can’t make up my mind… the Guggenheim, MoMA, Central Park, Ground Zero, Yankee Stadium, Broadway, Times Square….?
  • What should I wear? Will I look like a fish out of water if I’m wearing jeans/shorts and a pair of running shoes? (Somewhere Tracey Stratton just shuddered at the thought of me wearing running shoes…) I realize NYC is a fashion capital, but I’m planning to do a lot of walking. I just don’t see myself rocking any high heels, but if it’s important I suppose I could take a pair.
  • How much money do I need to take? Do I need a lot of cash, or will credit work for most things?

Any feedback will be appreciated and may be blogged for future reference.