Buy my house, please

If you know someone looking for a house in Topeka, make sure you point them in my direction… I unfortunately need to sell my home. Not necessarily because I want to, or because there’s anything wrong with it. In fact, the house is pretty awesome. But it’s just not practical for a single mom to live in, especially when I’ve only got custody of Leo half the time.

This home was made for a family, a growing family. It’s fully equipped with lots of big bedrooms (four to be exact), two and a half bathrooms, a finished basement with a fireplace, a big fenced-in backyard, a two car garage and a kitchen large enough to make dinner for a small army. (Don’t ask me about that though, we all know I don’t really cook. I’m told it’s quite nice though.) On top of all that, it’s in a great location. It’s within walking distance to the newest elementary school in Topeka (Farley Elementary) and in the Washburn Rural school district.

If you know someone that’s looking for a good family home in Topeka, have them send me a message. I’d be more than happy to let them come take a look.