Leo’s First Trip Out of State

Leo and I traveled down to Seminole, Oklahoma with my parents to visit my sister Amy for a long weekend from April 18-20. We didn’t tell Amy that Leo & I were coming, so it was a huge surprise as I pulled Leo’s car seat out of the car and she saw us for the first time. She screamed, “Leo’s here!”

Leo was such a great traveler! We were in the car for about 5 1/2 hours each way, and he barely cried a peep – thanks mainly to grandma who sat in the backseat beside Leo so she could soak up some baby-time.

On the ride home, grandma got a little more than she bargained for as she changed Leo’s diaper on her lap … he pooped all over her! Luckily we were in the parking lot of a Brahm’s and she had an extra change of clothes handy, so she was able to go inside and get cleaned up pretty quickly.

The worst part of the trip had to be the preparation and all of the packing. Who would have know that such a little guy would require so much stuff for a 3-day stay! In the end, I did a good job estimating what he’d need and packing stuff for him. But, not so good for myself as I forgot to pack any warm clothes and, of course, it was cold and rainy pretty much the whole time we were there!

We had a great trip, but I’m still not sure we’ll be planning any other out-of-state ventures anytime soon.