Top 5 Things I Love About Lebo

5. It’s been almost a dozen years since I’ve lived in Lebo and for the most part, everyone still knows my name. Or at least that I’m one of the Gillespie girls.

4. You can go anywhere and never worry about locking your car. And locking your house? What the heck for, are you going on vacation or something?

3. Casey’s pizza. Enough said. If you’ve not tried a slice, you’ve not really lived the full glory of small town life.

2. Spending quality time with my family, which is especially great when my brother and sister are also home. Guaranteed laughs, usually some good food and a few beers, and always reminiscing and telling great stories of us growing up.

1. No matter how long it’s been, someone will still stop me and comment about “remembering back when you girls were in high school” and then reference the volleyball or basketball team. Always feels good to be remembered for our former athletic glory. Lebo loves good sports teams and the entire town goes out of their way to show support (the image above was pulled from the Lebo Wolves Facebook Page). If you were on a team that made a lasting mark, people remember.