The Thankful Season

It’s been a big year with lots of change since last Thanksgiving, but I’m feeling more thankful than ever. There’s nothing like experiencing the full range of highs and lows in life to really appreciate everything you have and everyone that loves you.

  • My family – I’m always thankful for my family, but this year they’ve been there for me more than I could have ever asked for. Through the divorce and single mom transition, I’ve gotten a lot of support and advice from my parents. My sister’s always been available to talk and give me advice on boys, even though she lives hours away. (In some ways it’s like high school, but I think we get along better now than we did back then… that’s probably the benefit of living hours away.) Even my brother has really stepped up to help me out this year. Whether it was watching Leo when I was in a pinch or giving me a place to crash after a less than stellar night out in Lawrence.
  • My friends – It’s quite possible that I’ve got the most eclectic group of friends, ever. Work friends, techie friends, sports friends and others that sort of defy definition. I love them all. They keep me inspired and enthused and laughing. This year I’ve really needed all of that. I appreciate all the smiles, funny messages, free meals (and drinks) and general good times I’ve had with all of them.
  • My son – Leo is pretty awesome. He’s growing like a weed and becoming such a cool little guy. It’s fun to see his personality blossom, and watch him learn about the world around him. And I’m learning so much from my time with him, not just about life with a toddler, but how to be a better person and cherish the moment.
  • jhP – I’m almost certain I work for the coolest place in Topeka. This year my work family at jones huyett Partners has been super supportive of me, both at work and in my personal life. My co-workers are fun people, that I genuinely enjoy working with. I’ve been given the opportunity to grow the digital media department into a pretty legit piece of business running successful campaigns for a lot of great clients.
  • My boyfriend – When I ran into Tony at the bar earlier this year, it’s safe to say I wasn’t expecting him to become my boyfriend. Heck, I didn’t even tell him my name, (instead I told him that it didn’t matter). But lucky for me, my sister was smart enough to make sure he got my number, and he was crazy enough to text me the next day. I appreciate how close Tony is with his family, his competitive spirit and that he’s also a small-town kid. He’s a great guy, I love the way he interacts with Leo, and I’m really glad he’s part of my life.