My First Crossfit Games is in the Books

I’ve been going to Sunflower Strength & Conditioning (SSC) off-and-on for more than a year now. I have to say “off-and-on” – not because my attendance has been irregular – but because I’ve had some extended leaves due to my knee injury and Tony’s work travel.

I love this gym, not just the workouts (which are ass-kickin’ and push you), but also the people. They’re my kind of people. They like the work hard. They’re fun. They’re supportive. They get me.

This year I decided to participate in their version of the Crossfit Games. While I’ve been working out for awhile, I’m not strong. Not even close. But I thought the Games would be a good challenge, so I enrolled in SSC’s local competition doing the scaled version of the official Crossfit Games 17 Workouts and competing against other women in my age bracket.

Overall I’ve been pretty happy with how I’ve competed. I definitely won’t be at the top of my age group, but I won’t be at the bottom either. Each week I’ve found myself pushing harder than I have before and accomplishing things I didn’t know I could.

Ultimately, the Games have made me hungry for more. I’ve decided I’m going to double-down and really work hard at trying to get stronger. I’ve set some fitness goals (doing legit, good pushups and at least one strict pull-up) that I’m hoping to accomplish by the end of the year, and I’m going to do everything I can to make them happen.