The jhP Baby Shower

Last Friday, shortly before our weekly Beer :30, my co-workers came together to throw me a baby shower, jhP style. Everyone had an adult beverage (I had a Diet Pepsi) while we played an anagram game using “Brandon & Alissa Sheley”. The jhP team showed off their creativity by coming up with baby names consisting of those letters. A few of my personal favorites: Badass Hellboy Sheley and Healy Sheley.

We enjoyed cupcakes made by Daddy Cakes, and I opened cards and gifts. Here again, the jhP team creativity was shining bright as my co-workers presented my “official baby shower card”. The front cover had my jhP headshot, the next flap had a headshot of Brandon and the inside of the card had a hybrid headhot of the two of us showing what the baby might look like … sort of along the lines of Conan O’Brien’s ‘If They Did It’ sketches. Let’s just say, their projected look of the baby included some facial hair… somewhat disturbing, but hilarious!

The most creative gift I received came from Kathy and Gary Jones and family (Gary is the founder and president of jhP). They put together a gift specifically for Brandon, called ‘Daddy’s Baby Gear’ tool belt. It was filled with all of the things Brandon will need to take care of the baby – rubber gloves, goggles, Febreeze, wipes, diapers, Tylenol Extra Strength … you name it, it was there. Very cool!

Brandon's Baby Tool Belt, a gift from The Jones Family.

Lebo Baby Shower

I was treated to my first baby shower by Melinda Rausch (my best friend from high school), Linda Born (Melinda’s mom) and Kate Evans (another great high school friend). It was in Lebo two weekends ago at the Lebo Library, and it was pretty awesome! The entire room was decorated in blues and greens with a jungle animals cake and sugar cookies.

Cake and Jungle Animal Sugar Cookies at the Lebo Shower

It was great to see so many of my school friends, school teachers (that’s right elementary, middle school and high school – aren’t small towns awesome), family friends and church members. They have all touched and contributed greatly to my life throughout my years in Lebo. It was a great feeling to know that everyone still cares about me and is genuinely excited about this baby that I’m getting ready to have!

I was also excited to see Brandon’s mom, Terri, there. As well as, all of my family on the Gillespie side (my dad’s side), including my Grandpa Gillespie and his life companion, Ardena. (I figure after several years of companionship/dating/co-habitating, it’s no longer appropriate to call her grandpa’s girlfriend.)

As one might expect with such an extensive guest list, LBS was certainly spoiled that day! He got all kinds of great baby stuff – from books, toys and entertainment, to bath accessories, blankets and outfits, our little guy is well on his way to becoming a well-dressed, well-groomed little play machine.

Lebo Shower Decor and Gift Table

Opening a baby outfit from Melinda Rausch.

Opening a lion blanket from Grandma Miner.