Settling In

We’ve been home with Leo for almost a full week now, and we’re starting to settle in and get the hang of things. It’s pretty much what I expected – sleep, eat, burp, change diaper and repeat. I’m just not sure I realized how often we’d be repeating!

Everyday has been a learning experience and a blessing – Leo’s such a good boy! He does a good job at night, only waking up two or three times to eat, and he’s pretty efficient, so we’re usually only up for an hour or so at a time.

Leo’s also very good in the processing department. He’s managed to pee on all of his primary caretakers to-date (mom, dad and Grandma Gillespie, who was here for the first five days helping us adjust). And he’s quite a poop machine. Sometimes we change two or three diapers per feeding, because just as we get one changed, he decides he’s not quite done!

Every now and then we get little hints of a smile. You can see them on this video that Brandon shot.