Starting the Great Move of ’08

My parents came to Topeka yesterday afternoon, pulling an 18′ foot trailer for us to load all of our worldly possessions onto. Although I didn’t really partake in any of the moving, per say, I did do some packing … and was excellent at opening and closing the door for people.

Brandon and my parents completely packed the trailer and the bed of the truck full of stuff. I was amazed by the amount of stuff they were able to fit in the two areas. But I am equally amazed at the amount of stuff we still have here! The bed, washer and dryer, a dresser, my full art studio, all of the office furniture and most of the stuff in the shed.

At this point, we’re suppose to be completely out of the house by the 31st. We’re talking with the new owners about maybe renting the place from them for a week, until our new house is ready. I think there’s a chance this will work, because they just put in their 30-day notice on the place in Nebraska. But I’m not really very confident we’ll be able to get that worked out. Their Realtor (not ours) has pretty much been a money-grubbing, douche bag so far, so I’d be willing to bet he’ll screw it up.

4 thoughts on “Starting the Great Move of ’08

  1. I figured I’d been lurking long enough, I should probably introduce myself. 🙂 So my husband and I went and fell in love with this really great house with such awesome and unique artwork that I had to go looking for the artist. Here you are. Here I am. 🙂 I Googled you and found this blog. I thought it was neat to know more about the current owners of the house we are attempting to buy. I hope you don’t mind.

    As far as the moving thing goes, we are totally okay with it. I’m sorry our realtor has been such a pain in the butt. I don’t really think he knows what he is doing. I don’t overly care for him myself. He was just assigned to us when we asked to view a house one time and he kind of stuck with us….like a fungus. I think my husband likes him and we don’t know anyone so…anyway. I just wanted to let you know, I think we can definitely work things out with the moving situation. Be sure to let us know if the rent amount is outragous. He threw a figure out to me and I really didn’t pay much attention because I was at work thinking about other stuff.

    Oh ya, and we don’t live in Nebraska. We are from Nebraska. We just moved here a little over a month ago. Actually, I currently work at Washburn.

    And congratulations on the baby! It is an exciting adventure.

  2. Sue – I’m impressed you’ve read my blog, and a little embarrassed I said your Realtor is a douche-bag. Not that I don’t think you should know, but I might have had a little more tact. : )

    I’m glad you love the house (and my paintings)! We’ve got lots of great memories of this place and all of the work we’ve put into it. It’s going to be difficult to leave, but we know the timing is right. I hope you and your family have happy lives here!

    Grandma M & Betty – We look forward to having you both up to visit soon!

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