Making An Offer – Round 2

Well, we’ve found our dream house. It’s got everything that we’re looking for and more, and it’s in our price range and a good neighborhood! Unfortunately, yet again we’re going to be engaging in a bidding war.

That’s right. We must have excellent taste, because no sooner had we decided that we’d make an offer on the house tomorrow (after my parents have a chance to look at it), than we get a phone call from our realtor that another offer had just been placed. So we’ve got 24 hours to put the best deal on the table as possible.

Again, we’re just going to do what we’re able to and leave it in God’s hands. I think we didn’t get the Collins place because God knew I wasn’t got to be able to handle remodeling with the baby on the way. This house we’re bidding on this time is totally updated, no work needed.

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