Leo’s 1-Month Pictures

We took Leo to Sears Portrait Studio for his first professional photo shoot last week when he was about 5 1/2 weeks old.

I had been tracking his sleep schedule for several days and intentionally scheduled the photoshoot for 3pm knowing that he had been wide awake and happy the past few days at that time. But, of course, not on picture day… instead he was sound asleep when we arrived.

Brandon and I poked and prodded and tickled and jostled, but to no avail. Leo did not want to wake up. When we were able to get him to open his eyes (after we stripped him down to just his diaper), he was crying and fussy the majority of the time until he fell back to sleep.

After about a half-hour, the photographer announced, “I think we’ve got it.” And of course, within 2 minutes of that announcement Leo decided to wake up and become the bright-eyed happy boy that he usually is.

At first I was a little disappointed, but after I saw the proofs I felt better. The photographer was still able to capture a few with Leo awake and there were several good options to choose from. It’s probably best that Leo hadn’t been too cute, because I probably would have ended up spending a fortune!

One thought on “Leo’s 1-Month Pictures

  1. Oh, he is such an adorable little guy! We too have had some interesting photo experiences with Daniel. Babies are so unpredictable!

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