Leo goes to the ER, Twice

It’s been a rough week.

On Tuesday morning Leo woke up sounding like he was starting to get a cold. No runny nose or sneezing, just congested breathing and a rough cough. At 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning we ended up in the emergency room concerned with his breathing and the barking that he was doing. The doctor gave him a steroids shot and then sent us on our way.

On Friday afternoon, Leo’s conditions returned, he was breathing faster than normal and really having to work hard to breathe in. I picked him up early from the babysitter’s house and took him straight to the quick-care clinic near our house. The doctor on call recommended that we get him to the ER and then admit him in to the hospital overnight. So we headed over to the ER again where they started an IV, did some blood work, gave him several rounds of steroids and breathing treatments and took X-rays of his throat and chest. With the tests they were able to determine that Leo’s epiglottis was swollen, causing his breathing to be strained even more than just the croup conditions.

Leo was admitted into the hospital to stay Friday night so the nurses could continue to monitor him and administer treatments. Luckily Leo really responded well to the breathing treatment and additional steroids that they gave him in his room, and he was dismissed Saturday at noon.

Here’s some photos of Leo’s ER and hospital visit:

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