Growing and Growing

Right around the last time I took a belly photo, I also took a waist measurement, just to get an idea of how much larger it had become. At that time I was 43″ around, if you measured just below the belly button.

Well, fast forward two weeks and add two inches … that’s right, suddenly Baby Sheley (and my waist) have hit a growth spurt. I’m now measuring in just a little over 45″ in circumference.

I’ll be interested (and a little scared) to see how much larger I will grow over these last eight weeks. Our little guy is suppose to be measuring in around 19″ long and about 4 pounds right now. But, I was a 9-pound baby and Brandon was about 7.5 pounds, so I’m pretty much convinced that by the time he’s ready to come out, our little guy will be somewhere in that range. So he’s still got quite of bit of growing left.

And let’s face it, I don’t really do small. It’s just not really in my genetic code. : )

2 thoughts on “Growing and Growing

  1. Actually Brandon weighed 7 lbs 14 oz & was 21 inches long, so yeah, I’m sure you will have a good size boy. & by the way, you look beautiful & glowing! I’m really getting EXCITED!

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