April Fools: Google becomes Topeka

Google has changed their home page logo to Topeka for April Fool’s Day! I assume this was inspired by our (Topeka, Kansas’s) temporary re-naming last month to Google, Kansas and Think Big Topeka‘s #1G4Topeka effort.

If you’ve been following the whole Google, Kansas thing, then you probably know that Topeka is pretty serious about bringing the Fiber Experiment to our community. Sure, we re-named the city for a month, but that was just one of many grassroots initiatives to show Google how much Topeka wants Fiber! Our efforts include more than 16,500 Facebook Group members, almost 900 photos, a whole slew of TV appearances/Radio interviews/blogs/articles and 31 videos, like this one by Gizmo Pictures:


We also had the first Google-related Flash MOB, a Google St. Patrick’s Day parade and a final rally at the Google RoadRunners game where the community spelled out GOOGLE on the ice after the game.

I’ve always been a fan of Google’s April Fool’s Day pranks, but this is one I’ll never forget!

Thanks Google, you guys really do Think Big!