4 Weeks Old

Leo is officially 4 weeks old today, and he is growing like a weed (albeit a cute, lovable one)!

He has officially outgrown all of outfits that were size 3-months, so we had to make a shopping trip yesterday to pick up some 6-months sleepers. I hope they will last a little longer.

Leo’s really starting to develop a great little personality. He’s very laid back, and doesn’t spend much time crying.

Over the last week Leo’s eyes have started focusing in on objects and he studies them for awhile (including mommy & daddy). He loves ceiling fans and can stare at them for long periods of time, even if they aren’t moving! He’ll make the funniest range of faces when he’s looking at his “ceiling fan buddies”. I like to pretend that he’s holding conversations with them – sometimes he’ll smile and almost break into a giggle, and other times he’ll scrunch up his face and give a tough guy look.

Leo’s also started “talking” to us. He’s gotten pretty consistent at making sounds other than crying. Usually they are vowel sounds, but he’ll also throw out the occasional grunt, babble or squeal of delight (usually at the ceiling fan).

We’ve really started to put emphasis on making sure Leo gets a little tummy time each day so he can strengthen his neck and upper body muscles. Unfortunately, Leo isn’t really a fan of tummy time. He usually gets pretty frustrated after about 5 minutes because he’s not able to move around the way he wants to. He’s pretty good about being able to pick his head up to a 45 degree angle, and can hold it for awhile. But he struggles at turning his head over to look the other way. We’ve only had success with him doing it twice so far. But his little legs are very active the whole time he’s on his belly – they are ready to crawl!

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