27 Weeks Belly

27 Weeks BellyI’m definitely getting bigger. It’s starting to become a chore to tie my shoes or to bend over for any reason. And getting out of the car is starting to become a production – pull both legs out of the car firmly planted on the ground, grabbing the top of the door and pulling myself up. It should be quite the comedy act by the time I get to 8 1/2 months. It might become a YouTube sensation.

The baby is starting to move on a pretty regular basis. I can feel him in there going through little workouts several times a day. The other day Brandon had his head pressed up against my belly trying to listen for the heartbeat, and got kicked in the head. He said it sounded like a little pop.

I’m starting to get tired again. So far it’s not really affected me at work, but I’m going to bed really early each night … in fact, it’s about that time. : )

2 thoughts on “27 Weeks Belly

  1. Are you sucking in on these pictures? That’s what Simon looks like too…although thinking of it he’s been growing for about 7 years now so it should be pretty large.

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